Friday, October 10, 2008

Living at interesting times

The blame game is on. No one wants to claim responsibility for all the grave blunders. The world is in a whirlwind of an economical meltdown. People are starving, loosing their savings, loosing their homes, their work: of course no one wants to be credited for creating such a storm of anger and hopelessness.

Can we who are suffering from these "wrong" choices, take the responsibility, should we? Hell, yes, by all means. I am the marrow of the world, so are you and you and you. We all carry responsibility for allowing the Maya of separation to take root in our minds, for not caring enough, for always looking for ways to look after our own clan, our own nations. The fires burning in other parts of the world of no real concern as long as it is "far" away.

The fires are now burning in pretty much every backyard and this crises should indeed be our wake up call. We HAVE to change the way we place value on external things. There are no rocks to lean on except our internal serenity and grace. Nothing will give us any sense of real security except something we all have within. Sometimes it is hard to find that rock we can on in the rough oceans of life within us, but it is there.

Once I had something external - I lost it - I thought I would loose myself but instead I found myself - I found out how incredible powerful my mind can be, but most importantly I found out how incredible the power of compassion is.

We need to use this time to change our values - if we don´t wake up now, we never will. This is the rupture - it doesn´t come with a big bang but a whimper. The collapse is our core values.
If we carry on the way we have been doing - well then we got no one to blame for the environmental meltdown. Our earth can not sustain us much longer if we carry on the way we have been carrying on - there are too many of us now doing damage with our all consuming consumerism.

Now is not the time for communism, now is not the time for more capitalism, now is not the time for regliousism, now it not the time for egoism - now is the time to forget ism and just be here on this beautiful planet as if it was our last day on it - to honour life - to value life - to respect the gifts we have been given and of course bring about a deep sense of gratitude within us - because despite the odds we got every reason to be optimistic....

I am incredibly thankful for being given a chance to be here and now at these times of transformation - be the change... no one else will do it for you:)

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