Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

-Andre Gide

had my birthday last monday
got the best birthday gift i could think of> was told that my daughter who has lived in Norway since she was less than a year old is moving to Iceland later this year. this means we can have "normal" relationship... that is she can come over when ever she feels like it, it will no longer be long distance relationship... here is a poem i wrote about a month ago from the new book i am writing conversations with ghosts dealing with this issue....


we were one
this child that grew out of my womb
with full:length hair touching her toes
and neonbright eyes
—so blue
only to vanish
from my swollen breasts
after spending the exact same
time in my arms
as in my womb

when she vanishes into her world
a part of me dies

watch the iron:birds swallow her
as they take her away over the endless ocean

those lost ghosts within me
create more havoc then those visable ghosts

until I cry
the ghosts of nostalgia
out of my mind

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


with Ghosts available On May 1st, than you will be able to download for free the 35 e-books that have been sent in so far for the Poetry Super Highway's Great E-Book Free-For-All for free!.

"A work in progress: Conversations with Ghosts is about external and internal ghosts. The drawings and sketches by the Hand add a new dimension to the brutally honest words of the infamous Icelandic author. Go and get spooked. See if you can spot a familiar ghost."

Since I am still working on it, it won't be available for some time to come.... go get it on May 1st and tell me what you think...

Monday, April 03, 2006

spook poem

from my newest book of poems titled Conversations with Ghosts


the morbid night
wet snow
suppresses every sound

I hear a rustle and feel a terrible fear
paralysing every nerve

Ludvigs shadow ghost is the spirit in the glass
on the Ouija board
a mean old man that drinks through him

I saw the silhouette of the shadow ghost
I felt it lift me

poltergeist hands

felt the glass move
without me being able to do anything to stop it

spelled out words that had no meaning
except to nourish my fear

I whispered between my clenched teeth „leave“

and he laughed
and left
to follow Ludvig

and Ludvig had ghost eyes
when he drank and doped

and he had irresistible magnetism

I was always seeing the grinning ghost
dark and hollow

dark spikes
covered the ghost
and his lips stuck
around the nibble of Ludvigs right breast
grinning eyes,
leering darkness

„come back“ I whispered
but the ghost looked at me
with despiteful self:conceit
and carried on sucking

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Little changes

Big changes... in the last couple of weeks... little time to do the things I am used to... however since time is liquid and not linear like to are told to believe... time always moves with my expectations and limitations... so despite the fact that my workload is far greater than a couple of weeks ago... i am still managing to spend about the same amount of time working on my creative stuff. The thing is when I am trying to master my own time in my own space... I tend to waste it... like it is less valuable somehow. Anyway the big changes are... I got a 75% work as a graphic designer for a newspaper... and I am translating two books to Icelandic : one by Don Miguel Ruiz: the Four Agreements.... and another one by Ikeda and Gorbachev: conversations on Buddhism and Communism.... I am also working on my own little book of poems titled Conversations with Ghosts... the Hand is drawing and Joy B will be the storyteller... it is her conversations with ghosts... the book is taking a grand shape. I am very happy with it... wrote most of it in a couple of days... so it is has an theme an undercurrent of urgency and of course i need to edit it... so i am polishing them and taking out lines and changing their shape, BUT they are still like a frozen moment in time or rather a slice of a complete moment in time of the world of the mind of the heart of JOY B...

i am translating it to English
sometime this summer i will make it available as a free e-book... but only for a week... from this spot in space
here is one sketch... by the Hand and Joy