Sunday, December 31, 2006

HaPpY New YEar 2007

Thank you for sharing the past with me
The future is in our hands
Let us make it into something beautiful
Let us move beyond fear

Got this in the mail this morning like I do everyday from my friend Judi titled Daily dose

If we think and act along these lines there is nothing to worry about in the future but each of us has to take responsibility for the internal world, and that will without doubt be reflected in the external world.

with oceans of joy as always

"Always remember that the Great Mystery is good; evil can come only from

--Grandmother of Charles Eastman. SANTEE SIOUX

The Great Mystery is love, good and principle. He is a guiding Father. He
doesn't play games. He knows only how to love. Sometimes, when things go
wrong, we blame Him or others. Usually, if we are honest, we can see how
decisions or things done in the past put us in a position to be hurt. It
comes back to us. When this happens, it is not something the Creator caused,
but something we, ourselves caused. Most of our problems are of our own
making. When this happens, we should correct what we've done, ask the Great
Spirit for forgiveness and pray for guidance in the future.

My Creator, bless me with Your good.


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Henry David Thoreau, whose cry was "Simplify! Simplify!" went to great
measures to prove to himself, and perhaps to society, that life could be
lived in the most simple manner and at the least expense. With only a few
dollars he managed to provide for himself the things of absolute necessity
for quite a long period of time.

Not many of us would care to exist on the absolute necessities. We have
become too much accustomed to easier living. Things that were once thought
of as luxuries are now considered necessities. And yet, with all of this,
life is anything but simple. We seem to have the ability to complicate the
best laid plans and find ourselves shadow boxing.

Like many of the trite old adages, "Life is what we make it," is so true. By
our own minds we accept or reject, by ignoring or by searching out the
causes of shadows and removing the cause. It is whatever we elect to do
about our individual lives that makes the difference. But we shall make
great strides when we recognize the supreme excellence in all things of

We don't need to worry about doing without the necessary things in life - if
we have a grateful heart. A grateful heart is not just remembering to write
a few words to someone who has done a kindness, or saying thank you
graciously and at the right moment. A grateful heart is the feeling of great
blessings which precedes that thank you note and that verbal expression.

A grateful heart is one that always knows the fullness of that rich feeling
of first being grateful without cause. And then, all other gratitude and its
expression comes naturally.

Perhaps true gratitude is a grateful though toward heaven that I should be
chosen to fill this spot, do this work, and have been given the strength to
do it.

It was Romaine, the English theologian, who said, "Gratitude to God makes
even a temporal blessing a taste of heaven." We can have so much more heaven
with a grateful heart.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

In this winters nest

I rest. Yet I am eager to burst out of the dark days
into warm sun. Working yet again on Conversations with Ghosts. I am shocked to see what I missed during the last round of editing. I believe poetry and every creation for that matter should rest in a deep dark drawer and be pulled out when the vison is sharp and brutally unsentimental. The knifes of literature are becoming way to dull.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy brightmas and a peaceful new year

Imagine that you are always at the right place at the right time
Imagine that you can extract the best possible outcome from each living moment
Imagine that you do your best at any given moment
now go ahead and do it

here is a poem i wrote this morning for you all = i wish for peace = within + around, it starts within ... where it goes i do not know:) to you i hope

Twirling and twisting
through velvet smooth space

evening star
rises from the nebula

sings with an invisible voice of hope
in my heart
in my heart

floating at the edge of the ozone
she is smiling from the deep
a faint smile

is it real
or a dream

hands touch beyond
eyes weave stories
of the untold

of a humankind
beyond …


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


my six year old son Delphin learned a lesson on his own that most of us adults can't figure out all our lives. He is rebelling a bit a school and did try to flush down the toilet the rules from the mess hall. I being a chronic co-dependent took it quite personally i am not raising him right, i am not good enough mother, blah blah blah and was very annoyed at him when i heard of this. On the way back home i had to go to the post office and i decided to let him stay in the car to think why he would be doing things like that. He has been doing a lot of things that are not making him very popular. I ended up staying a longer at the post office than i had intended because of a massive line of people. When i came back, he said: "I know why i behave this way, i need to control everything, but i am not going to do it anymore, i am just going to let god control me." That is he surrendered to higher power. I am not much of a god person in the christian sense of god. Being a heathen and a buddhist. Yet i am a 12 step person and this does sound a lot like the lesson learned in the first 3 steps. I don't talk much about that sort of stuff to him, only that god is within us and everything around us. that is a part of us. Anyway i thought it was such a brilliant conclusion for such a young person. And remembered that kids are a lot smarter than us adults, because we tend to make things so complicated.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


political compass

Economic Left/Right: -8.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.62

this basically means that i am almost a total anarchist:)

viva online testing of things you already know.....