Monday, July 18, 2005

Joy B the spellmaker

When I lived in the beautiful valley in the East of Iceland called Fljótsdalur I was told that one could find the largest dwellings of the Hidden People in Iceland deep in the North valley of Fljótsdalur.

Last week I was walking as I often do through the ancient graveyard in the centre of the city of Reykjavik. I walked passed the grave of Kjarval, an eccentric and one of our best-known artists among Icelanders, whom used to spend much of his time in the East of Iceland, not far from the place they are killing in the highlands to build an aluminum smelter for Alcoa (international criminals of the corporate kind). Stopping in my tracks I thought to myself: “What would you have done if you would be alive now, experiencing this torture and destruction of our nature?”
In my mind a thought floated, they don’t burn witches at the stakes nowadays for a minor spell. Therefore, I asked him and all the ghosts that dwell in the graveyard to flock to the East in the company of the Hidden People of the South and deities from nature. I visualized one of the gigantic drills they are using to make the damn dam in the highlands of North East Iceland as a penis and I saw it loose its erection, becoming limp and soft, no longer capable to penetrate deep into the womb of the mountain. At this moment I felt a mighty storm move around me and the army of beings that had walked with me for a short period of time had vanished.
Later in the day I heard in the news at the national radio that one of the drills was not working anymore, limp it was, weak against the elements of nature.
So now is the time when we are told the enemies are the terrorists, the hidden enemies, the armies of hooded boogiemen, and the power of fear. Now is the time for us the spell makers to make our spells, with the elements of nature, against the killing machines of nature, of wilderness, against greed, fear and indifference.