Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ggggggeeeeeeezzzzers at da city pond

In the newest issue of Mindfire

you willl find poems, music, art, all sorts of writings as a reflection on the concept of war and peace, go to
Mindfire and find some pretty awesome stuff of inspiration .... including pomes by yours truly Joy B's alter ego Birgitta

I am asked a lot to submit my work all over the world and sometimes i simply forget that i had submitted anything ... so it is always such a nice surprise to see my poems or art or music flow with the creation of others

thanks all of you that have asked me to be part of
without you all i might possible maybe have stopped a long time ago
you have given me the fuel to carry on being me, the courage to stay close to what i believe is my voice

and who knows maybe one day i will grow up to be a great writer
such is my goal, because i know the power of the word....