Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Joy B is now a MP

Dear friends and readers - I have not had time to write into space for some time - the adventures have simply been beyond amazing ...
Here is a link to a great interview conducted by Alda the spinner of the Iceland Weather Report - a must read for those who like to follow happenings and events from the island of extremes...

In Iceland things are never called by their proper names

by alda on May 28, 2009

In our latest in a series of interviews we talk to Birgitta Jónsdóttir, poet, activist, and newly-elected MP and party group chairman for the Civic Movement – the political force that grew out of the protests here in Iceland last fall and winter. It was founded a mere nine weeks before the elections and ran its campaign on a shoestring, yet managed to secure eight percent of the vote and four seats in parliament. Among other things Birgitta has been very frank about her views on the inside workings of Althingi, Iceland’s most venerated institution, which she expresses unabashedly on her blog. Birgitta is a single mom who was unemployed before being elected to Althingi.

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