Monday, August 14, 2006

busy busy busy

my work day is not 9-5, but 5-9 and until the end of this month it will remain so, or at least until i am done translating the book on my desk, so forgive me if i don't write back or if i seem invisible or lost, i will return with time on my hands, rise from the ashes of this computer.... but i felt compelled to write this yesterday inspired by the book i am translating and the world around me...

fresh from that digital ioioio typewriter
writing into space
when i should be translating words of hope for the entire human race
next chapter titled A new civilisation

rivers of despair
oceans of pain


means nothing to me
nothing at all

flesh blood earth dirt
gravel sand and that flower on the highland hearth
drowned in silt and pure waters of greed

this time the times are changing
into a dream of universal
universal please
don't look the other way

we are the same
i feel the pain
i feel the hope
the eternal ethnic bond
with each grain of sand
each grain of blood
please let me be you
i move with her breath
what are we
aliens on this earth
acting like a parasite
are we controlled by the external or internal parasite
who chose this hell
who can undo what has been done
but you

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cry from the heart II

I feel your pain
I feel your pain
I feel your pain

bombs, limbs, blood, tears, death, grief, anxiety, hatred, revenge, bullets, spit, split, tormented, crippled, infested, pain

I feel your pain
I feel your pain
I feel your pain

in the marrow