Friday, May 30, 2008

High tech aboriginals of the North

This tyranny of distance
left us to fend for ourselves
The earth shaking
spewing deadly fumes
fire and ice
forces beyond
Natural disasters
nearly killing the entire nation
century after century

Declared independence
no blood spilled
Our colonists
occupied by Hitler
— they had no choice

Our isolation was our salvation
until the big corporations of the West
smelled our naïveté
Like leeches they smelled virgin blood
Alcan, Bechtel, Impregilo, Alcoa, Century Aluminum, Rio Tinto

First they take our nature
next they take our economy
and then, and then they take our independence

We are the high tech aboriginals of the North
The $ beads they gave us
have lost their short term value
We sacrificed more then was ours to give
and we will pay the price
of forsaking the only thing that shaped us
into who we are
—that gave us all our riches
We have forsaken our very own nature
And she will not spare the glass cities

The beads could have been
seeds of a sustainable future
—it still can
If we learn to listen to voices
of glaciers
of waterfalls
of the hidden people
of the oracle in our heart

We can still give the spoiled beads seeds back
before they turn into parasites
beyond our control

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joy B is moved by the Earth

Today is almost exactly a year since I posted anything on this blog. I got other blogs and somehow just forgot this wonderful world of my toon self... Today we also had a massive earthquake in Iceland. I live up high and could feel it and things fell from the shelves - yet i live an hours drive from the source of the quake...

The Earth quaked at 6.3 richter close to where my fathers bones are lost and my mothers ashes buried ... and i will be going searching for bones next Saturday - well almost - perhaps the river lost its grips on the shiny white rocks of his bones.

It is a good thing that the houses are sturdy in Iceland - no one got seriously hurt - but people close to the source of the quake are shaken and fearful. No panic though. Just this classic Icelandic calm of fear.