Thursday, September 28, 2006

A horrible

sad day in the history of our elemental world. In a few minutes the shapeshifters, the doom makers, will start drowing in silth and glacier dirt, a massive landmass at Karahnjukar, in the North-East of Iceland. We have tried so much to stop this. So many people from all walks of life have done so much to stop this disaster. We will not give up though, we will keep on doing our best to save Iceland, because there are many monsters on the drawing table. Aluminum smelters everywhere, indeed we are dam nation.

but as of this moment i am full of grief
and have no words to express it

but i love i love this earth, this dirt, this water that shapes and creates those gems
our home this planet i will make you smile again

Monday, September 18, 2006

Walked along

the crack that divides Iceland between Europe and the American continent. It was indeed paradise. Just me and my kids and hot kisses of the last warm sun before the darkness of winter. Ripe wild berries and deep cracks into the earth. Not a sound but that small waterfall hissing. The symbol of our pride. Oxararfoss. We bathed in the clear mist and walked into a crack. Dwelled in the womb, soft moss under our feet. Filled our hands with crystal clear water and it tasted of the remains of the glaciers, melting so fast. Soon there will be non. Soon there will only be land of fire. No ice. No ice.

And that is not enough. Not enough. The waters are rising. The dry silth. Suffocating smooth sand. Green lush waterbanks, dry. Rapture my ass. We need to stop. But we are a snowball. We are melting. And the sun and the hole and the rays. Not enough. We are melting. We are burning. Enough! Not enough. We take shelter in paperhouses and the hummer and the hummer black as tar.

Should i hope for halt. For people to wake up. Is it not too late!! Is it possible to turn around and around. The massive shockwave when the kiss of death will suck the life out of millions. Is it the darkages creeping into the modern paperhouses. Paper moon, paper hearts. Do we care to care to care. Howl at the moon and eat it with greed. Give birth to mutant thoughts. We don't care to care. We consumer therefor we are.

Friday, September 15, 2006


now, just now, my dear friends, that i have reclaimed my life back after months of intense work
i will start my ever so beloved task of being in touch with you all
and my mailbox will be for a short time
a living flowing entity of me writing back... to all those words of kindness and beyond

I am back....
quite pale
but I am back
quite exhausted
but hey i am back
and i shall play with my kids this weekend
all the Lego's have been tracked in various boxes
and we shall build and build
and feast on chocolate, and joy

tomorrow i will go see Nick Cave life
haven't been to a gig with him for 16 years
i wonder if he is still as intense
i hope even more so>>>>>>


wish i could see this... if you are anywhere close to NY = you should go and tell me how it was:)

Iraq: Speaking Of War

Created by Karen Malpede;
original music by Milos Raickovich; Iraqi Maqam & santur by Amir ElSaffar;
percussion: Johnny Farraj; harp: Nina Kellman;
featuring: George Bartenieff, Dalia Basiouny, Kathleen Chalfant,
Peter Francis James, Judith Malina, Hanon Reznikov,
Najla Said, Amneh Taye, Maysoon Zayid, Waleed Zuaiter,

Sep. 28th – 7:00 PM – Shinbone Alley @ 45 Below
The Culture Project, 45 Bleecker St., NY, NY

A cast of political theater pioneers and luminaries who have won awards in land-mark
productions from “The Brig” (1963) to “Stuff Happens” (2006) will perform the ritual
docu-drama with original and traditional Iraqi music “Iraq: Speaking of War,” created
and directed by Karen Malpede, at the Culture Project, Thursday, Sept. 28, at 7 p.m.
as part of the IMPACT Festival. “Litany,” with the voice of Dalia Basiouny, and “B-A-G-
D-A-D,” both composed by Milos Raickovich, will be played on harp by Nina
Kellman. The music of Amir ElSaffar, traditional Iraqi Maqam singer and santur player,
and percussionist Johnny Farraj will be featured through-out the piece.

These actors will tell the untold story of the first two years of the Iraq war in the words of
Iraqi civilians, American soldiers and independent journalists. Amneh Taye and Dalia
Basiouny will speak the names of Iraqi children murdered by the war. Greek
historian Thucydides provides commentary.

$20, tickets available at