Thursday, March 29, 2012

Twitter feed by exiledsurfer from my speech at wienerin12

Thanks to ‏ @exiledsurfer for tweeting nearly my entire speeach at wienerin12
start reading at bottom for a real timeline:)  
@birgittaj's final words: "Remember YOU ARE THE POWER. Don't forget it "
23mexiledsurfer ‏ @exiledsurfer

@birgittaj 'we allowed the collapse of finances in iceland to happen. we need to reclaim our responsibilities'

@birgittaj 'our democracies have become like dictators with many heads. we have a right to know who does what'

@birgittaj 'we have to downsoize our institutions, reclaim our democracies'

@birgittaj 'by us becoming more responsible, that choice will be easier, because we have to suffer the mistakes'

@birgittaj 'i want us to think about the consequences of our daily activities, because we are running out of time'

@birgittaj When they can't vote on it they traditionally tear the place down and write a new one anyhow!  
@birgittaj 'go home, find your constitution. read it. Do you think it is time to write a new social contract?'

@birgittaj 'how can a nnation not be allowed to vote on a new constitution? it is an absurd concept'

@birgittaj 'constitutions need to be rewritten BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE'
30mexiledsurfer ‏ @exiledsurfer
@birgittaj 'That can also be applied to financials, budgets. it is our money. we should have something to say about it

@birgittaj 'Think about direct democracy. we can aply changes and apply our will in a more efficient way'

@birgittaj 'no one is going to cocreate my dream other than me'

@birgittaj 'we have one aim, together: we want to be happy. Lets do it, because if we don't, no one will'

@birgittaj 'Crisis is not negative, it is the only time you can apply real social change'

@birgittaj 'i took the swiss model of a teax haven, and transformed it into a information haven'

@birgittaj '…to have the first country with protection of freedom of expression and speech'
34mexiledsurfer ‏ @exiledsurfer
@birgittaj 'by some miracle , i manged to push through the parliament to say yes unanimously to change 12 laws... 
@birgittaj 'freedom of information, expression and speech are the foundations of our societies'

@birgittaj 'we are at crossroads, we need access to information. if we dont have it we cannot make informed decisions'

@birgittaj 'we are going to have to change our life the way we live EVERY SINGLE DAY."

@birgittaj 'if we want to change the way things are, it starts with us. with me, with you"

@birgittaj 'this must be the century of the common people. we know this. the 1% don't know this'

@birgittaj 'we need to learn how to be strong together. there is no prince on a white horse'

@birgittaj 'we have to jump into the deep end of the pool, and see if we sink or swim"

@birgittaj 'nothing we do the first time is perfect. practice makes perfect. it is so important to remember that"

@birgittaj 'i was the first icelandic woman to do websites. i said to myself, i can do this. and i did." 
@birgittaj 'i want you to believe that you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT. if u believe otherwise, then u never do anything'

@birgittaj 'to learn to prioritize for what is good for our complete lives should be our goal'

@birgittaj 'my definition of power is to be true to mysylf and to be brutally honest with myself"

@birgittaj 'men should say i feel advantaged i am a man, a disabled person should feel advantaged as a disbled person"

@birgittaj 'i do not see myself as disadvantaged as a woman, i am advantaged. what a privilege"

@birgittaj 'if i am unhappy about something, i just do something about it'

@birgittaj 'power structures are not designed for single parents, men or women'

@birgittaj 'i dont want to reverse the pyramid of power, i want to live in a CIRCLE of power'

@birgittaj begins her keynote, overlooked by Kaiser Franz Joseph