Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Icelandic parliament under siege

Right now the Icelandic parliament is under siege from the general public. The only weapons we have are our voice - and they are shouting. The only weapons we have is information - and they are shouting. The only weapons we have are noise and we are making them hear us. The only weapons we have are our fists and we are raising them.

The Icelandic parliament is under siege and they are using maze and batons against us. They are a the soft shield between the corrupt mafia who has taken our country and destroyed the future of the next generations.

I hope the noise will make them feel in their soul how they have made the nation bleed. I hope they will realize we want them to resign - we want them to leave forever and ever. We want a new constitution for the people of Iceland not to serve the mafia.

We will not leave until they will leave - we will make you hear our voice - to hear our howl for freedom until you leave...

Friday, January 02, 2009


When I am being love
my heart becomes huge,
inside, outside,
the walls I call body
I energize myself
not like a machine
more like a plant
Stretching my leaves
towards the light
When night falls
I don't sleep
I withdraw,
go inside,
close my blossom,
to the outside world
So I can let the light
illuminate my inside
I draw life from earth,
the mother
It's a more subtle kind of life
My grounding is my breath
The deep womb of intuition
I open to the father
The source for imagination
The bringer of light
The spinner of wheels
All is linked together within,
–Unbreakable threads

I am with the creation

Video from the protest in Iceland 31.12.08

Like in all mafia countries - the media is owned by the mob - the police is owned by the mob and of course they lie through their teeth when it comes to reporting what really happened at the protest.