Monday, March 28, 2005

Tsunami video

I am lacking words today. Been working with a friend Jim Wrathall on the making of a Tsunami video using a poem i wrote in a response to the second of christmas disaster. He added a new dimension to these words. Even brought me almost to tears. Tonight i fear that many more will suffer in this region that has already suffered so much. My heart goes out for all of them. I wish i was there so i could help. But i am stuck here and all i got to offer is hope in those darkest of times. Click here to see the video. Jim did an amazing work combining photos, art, sound and my voice into something beyond words.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

riding high on the wings of my muse

Most people that I know think that I might be a little bit to active, some even think that I am a super woman, but hell no I am just intoxicated by the movement of life within and around and NO I am not pregnant I am just filled with the holy muse of creation. Gosh that sounds quite absurd. The chameleon strikes again, bleeds into the picture like sweet water drop into salt water.
I am such a lucky person; I get to be driven, with a force beyond greed and sometimes ego:) By the force of the muse of creativity. It is quite merciless sometimes. I am always working because I am what I am, art. Everything I do is a reflection of my art and my art is a reflection of me and so everything I do is artistic. lol. How brilliant, so I am the canvas, I am the empty page, the silence, until I fill it with me. How egocentric this sounds though. I am possessed with the spirit of creativity and it is intense. But before I started this rant I just wanted to share a few of the things I have been up to in the last month or so in servitude of the muse.
First of all I have been doing some groundwork for Diane, a graphic novel born in the mind and soul of Maurizio di Bona, he has set up a brilliant website to explain the concept, the evolution and lots of goodies. I was invited to take send work to the newest issue of Poems Niederngasse in the Pancultural Exploration of Love Supplemental issue. What better way to start spring than to think of love and to explore it through the eyes of so many brilliant writers the contributing editor Annette Marie Hyder had gathered. I got one article and one poem plus a couple of artworks in it. A warm thank you to the editor for remembering me. In addition, I have a few articles in the next Grapevine and the fancy title Art Correspondent and the pick of the week online.
And next week I will publish 10 books by myself in Icelandic, they are finally the way I want them and this week I have been hand stitching and cutting all sorts of paper, gold, transparent, silver, recycled and seeing it come together, what a wonderful feeling. These books are only in Icelandic and the result of many many years of gathering my work from all different places and bringing them home within their theme and the shape on the page….. I will make them available online in e-book format for those curious enough to bother download it. And I have translated 2 poems by Diane di Prima to Icelandic, and it was such joy. Her work is so brilliant. What a voice, what a warrior of brutal honesty. Working on getting her work published in Iceland. None of her work has been published here and as a matter of fact very few USA poets have been translated to this ancient sound.

The many faces of insanity

I have been to many events in the last month or so, seen 3 plays in less than a week where the central theme is tragedy and the insanity of love. One of the plays I saw was simply brilliant By The Bog of Cats by an Irish playwright; Marine Carr. In the production of that play everything conspired to perfection and I was deeply moved. Then I saw another play dealing with almost identical emotions and levels of insanity and it was one of the most boring things I have ever seen, I couldn’t wait to get out of there, but when I was watching the other play I hoped it wouldn’t end. I was ready to see it again and again. Now what makes and breaks a play, I think it must be the manuscript and then all the other important elements. Now I am supposed to write about the play I didn’t like and I am not sure if I want to do it. Maybe it is just simply better to leave it in silence
Just after I came home from the theatre I watched the film the Butterfly Effect with Neptunus, when it started I thought, oh no another thing about insanity and its many ugly faces. But the film turned out to be good, I mean it had a bit of mystery in it and was almost mythological at times, specially when it was over and it all started to make sense. I very rarely watch TV or use my DVD player; most of the films I have watched in the last months are political. What a geek I am. Anyway the best part about last night was the simple fact that because Neptunus and me watch so rarely films or TV it was a special moment. We discussed the film after it and the fact how often the TV is turned off compared to most homes we know. We always have our heads stuck in the computers. At least we are doing something, not only receiving, not like vegetables having to be spoon-fed with information.