Sunday, May 27, 2007

be the new superpower

Dear friends,

I just watched this great new video about the clash between Islam and the West and how to stop it - you should be able to see it below... let's be the new superpower:)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

After much

inner thought I have reached the conclusion with the aid of signs and small Eureka’s, that the greatest change and aid to this world is not me taking to the streets, is not me revolting in any way except in my own heart. And so I will carry on taking the path less traveled and carry on experimenting with writing and the other arts engulfing the sacred = the word.

The power of the word is such that I shall devote my life to that mystery and serve the muse of writing. My way will carry on being brutally honest and personal. That is who I am and why should I write as someone else. The fabric of my life is perfect as a foundation for this quest.

Arctic sun on melting snow
faint tracks of small footprints

leading towards the turqouise blue sea
black pepples on an empty beach
round and soft

her eyes deep like the depths of the ocean
blackened with fear
voices crack open her skull

ravens fill the sky
shadow play on thin layer of ice