Tuesday, November 02, 2004

volcanic eruptions at the island of extremes

when i woke up this morning, the glacier was melting, the heat explosive, a massive cloud of ash and steaming glacier. now this is something one should wake to every morning, something so massive that one truly feels like an Icelander, to feel like an islander. now i dream of being able to hitch a ride to the edge of this massive glacier, the biggest glacier in all of Europe, to this breathing living thing of fire and ice, this thing that puts the cartoon of my islanders into the perfect cliché.

now in the perfect world of absurd occurrences, i got a phonecall from the other end of the world before i was truly awake, in the crack of dawn (there is no crack of dawn in Iceland at this time of year only darkness upon twilight). it was from my x husband, he is coming over for a surprise visit next Sunday at our sons birthday. I don't really believe it yet. All of a sudden he is MR business mogul, with his Landcruiser and new land to build his dreams. that is what it can do to you to move to the other end of the world, to the very edge and believe in your dreams. i am still not sure what mine is. at this moment i am only trying to finish the task of editing my novel. but hey then there is this underground volcano going berserk, presidential elections at the new empire of the new world order. how can i be thinking about words, how they sit perfectly on the page projecting images from the mind of the chameleon.

and this morning i knew that everything i have ever done is in a strange way me in a new set of cartoon over and over again with new characters to play the same story over and over again. i am glad i am seeing it, frankly i am dead sick of repeating myself like this. virtual reality of myself.