Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IMF, Russia and Iceland

Just got the news: IMF has agreed to lend Iceland money - Why? All the same people are in power - no one is claiming responsibility for allowing the newly privatised banks to grow so huge that they grossed 12 times the entire national budget. They knew about the risks and yet they allowed the IceSave blunder to occur as late as a few months ago.

I am deeply sorry for all of those people around the world who have suffered because of those incompetent politicians, sharks and general idiots in the banks to allow this to happen. If I had known - I would at least have tried to warn people... many of my friends have lost their savings because of the same sort of robbery occurring here.

But why does a "respectable" institution give the same criminals that made the great blunder happen, who got us in this mess in the first place - why does IMF give them the money to continue the gamble with the Icelandic krona? Many experts warn that the experiment they are about to conduct with the krona will fail.

In my eyes, dear world - this is the day we lost the last remands of our democracy and sailed full on, into corporate fascism... things are going to turn bloody if no one resigns - and I had truly hoped it wouldn´t have to come to that. The biggest loan is coming from Russia, with the kindness of the mafia love - the Icelandic nation, of course, does not know of what we need to sacrifice in return. My bet: energy.

Goodbye my fair island - things will never be the same again... hello infinite debt for my children... dept is of course a claim on their work... so thank you Icelandic government for enslaving my children and future generations... thank you IMF for being true to your legacy - at least we will always know you are corrupt evil institute - wonder when they will privatise the water - the only inexpensive thing on the island...

Hello slavery: man i shall have to go and make some sort of revolution or i will go mad...

love and rage
joy b from the island of extreme insanity