Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hit and run party in Iceland

Dear friends
I have been silent for almost a month - reason for it simple - I have been working day and night with various grass roots movements to find solutions to the crises we are facing as a nation. We had a revolution - we got a new government for 80 days and we will have elections 25th of April - however we are still falling deeper into a hole that the IMF is digging for us. I fear that there is a real danger that we will loose our natural resources if we follow the IMF plan. I have done some researching on the history of IMF and it is not a very happy trail. It is a program based on pure capitalism and it will destroy our social structure if we follow it.

I have with others organized protest - information nights - open meetings between the public and the political leaders - we have managed to make an umbrella org for many of the grass roots groups so we can pool our resources together and make a heavier dent into the dead end we call neo capitalism that has been blossoming here and greed and corruption. We have now formed a hit and run party - its only aim is to get through democratic reforms on our constitution and the electoral legislation. Once we have followed through our mission we will cease to exist as a party.

I was elected as the vice president for this hit and run party and since we only got until April 25th to make this choice seen and heard I will not be writing much here on this blog - and i will not have much time to write letters:) not that i have been doing much of that in the last half a year:) please forgive me those waiting for replies ...

I leave you with a little film i put together about the financial crises in Iceland and will be shown on TVset a tv station in the USA on February 28th...