Monday, October 30, 2006

in other news>

i got a new job/work, at the office for the left green party. it is a real blessing to be able to direct my energy into matters that really matters for me, such as the environment and the issue of heavy industry and well if you know me you also know i have an opinion about everything. so to be able to work with members of parliament on daily bases and work towards my dream, that is to see left wing, socialist government in power next year, wow, i feel fortunate.

in other news, got raving reviews on my novel that i published last year, trying to find the time to translate it so you my non Icelandic speaking friends can read it....

finished the final proof for the four agreements translation. what an amazing book, wisdom and inspiration.

if you haven't read it, you should.

and next week i am going to talk to "troubled" teens about suicides.

plus i am just drowning in positive things, large and small.

life is beautiful.

there is no need to struggle anymore.

a photo of me and my reclaimed daughter
in klanskyland where the two worlds meet

And a birth

of a damn good looking child of creation to be expected by the Hand and Birgitta

here is one page of the new book soon to be available from lulu

willl keep you posted when it will be available it is called conversations with ghosts
illustrations by the hand and poetry by birgitta

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The riches that are not found in our soul do not belong to us.


Time to kill whales again! in Iceland

Kill kill kill, drown, shoot, mountains, whales, reindeer, waterfalls, our history with greed, the real short term greed.

I believe Iceland has been formally renamed to either Shitland or Idiotland, you can choose.

First of all, there is no need for all the destruction we are inflicting on ourselves. NO NEED: we are not starving, we are fat, and we are warm and we are among the five wealthiest nations in the world. NO NEED to kill to destroy in the name of prosperity. But do you know what the worst thing in this all is: Icelanders will without a doubt re-elect the simpletons in power next year.

But hey didn't someone say that it is always darkest before dawn}}}???!!!