Friday, January 02, 2009


When I am being love
my heart becomes huge,
inside, outside,
the walls I call body
I energize myself
not like a machine
more like a plant
Stretching my leaves
towards the light
When night falls
I don't sleep
I withdraw,
go inside,
close my blossom,
to the outside world
So I can let the light
illuminate my inside
I draw life from earth,
the mother
It's a more subtle kind of life
My grounding is my breath
The deep womb of intuition
I open to the father
The source for imagination
The bringer of light
The spinner of wheels
All is linked together within,
–Unbreakable threads

I am with the creation

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good poetry is like a living being
a gentle wind, a cry in the night....loneliness

a whisper
a voice
a bridge
a rainbow
lots of energy, fuel for the living
I like that poem
Thank you very much