Monday, April 03, 2006

spook poem

from my newest book of poems titled Conversations with Ghosts


the morbid night
wet snow
suppresses every sound

I hear a rustle and feel a terrible fear
paralysing every nerve

Ludvigs shadow ghost is the spirit in the glass
on the Ouija board
a mean old man that drinks through him

I saw the silhouette of the shadow ghost
I felt it lift me

poltergeist hands

felt the glass move
without me being able to do anything to stop it

spelled out words that had no meaning
except to nourish my fear

I whispered between my clenched teeth „leave“

and he laughed
and left
to follow Ludvig

and Ludvig had ghost eyes
when he drank and doped

and he had irresistible magnetism

I was always seeing the grinning ghost
dark and hollow

dark spikes
covered the ghost
and his lips stuck
around the nibble of Ludvigs right breast
grinning eyes,
leering darkness

„come back“ I whispered
but the ghost looked at me
with despiteful self:conceit
and carried on sucking

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