Saturday, April 01, 2006

Little changes

Big changes... in the last couple of weeks... little time to do the things I am used to... however since time is liquid and not linear like to are told to believe... time always moves with my expectations and limitations... so despite the fact that my workload is far greater than a couple of weeks ago... i am still managing to spend about the same amount of time working on my creative stuff. The thing is when I am trying to master my own time in my own space... I tend to waste it... like it is less valuable somehow. Anyway the big changes are... I got a 75% work as a graphic designer for a newspaper... and I am translating two books to Icelandic : one by Don Miguel Ruiz: the Four Agreements.... and another one by Ikeda and Gorbachev: conversations on Buddhism and Communism.... I am also working on my own little book of poems titled Conversations with Ghosts... the Hand is drawing and Joy B will be the storyteller... it is her conversations with ghosts... the book is taking a grand shape. I am very happy with it... wrote most of it in a couple of days... so it is has an theme an undercurrent of urgency and of course i need to edit it... so i am polishing them and taking out lines and changing their shape, BUT they are still like a frozen moment in time or rather a slice of a complete moment in time of the world of the mind of the heart of JOY B...

i am translating it to English
sometime this summer i will make it available as a free e-book... but only for a week... from this spot in space
here is one sketch... by the Hand and Joy

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