Saturday, October 18, 2008

Diary from the island of extremes - the Fall

Right now we are still falling - from being one of the wealthiest nations on earth towards the poorest nations on earth. What does that tell us about money - wealth - poverty?
It tells me that money is a gas. Money is not real in our world after we invested our security in it and lost our sense of sustainably. The western world is falling - we shouldn´t save the banks - we shouldn´t forget that we are the power - not just a handful of people should have the power to choose for us. But we are to blame. We wanted to throw away our liberties, our independence, our responsibilities for the status quo - for being in a limited comfort. We refused to face the responsibilities of insane decisions by our world leaders. We looked the other way as people starved and were shocked and awed in the name of forcing democracy - DemoCrazy on the world. Our view who we didn´t really know was anyway. We are to blame, we have to take responsibility for our lack of action, lack of responsibilities for having allowed us to become comfortable numb.

We are falling and after the fall is a chance for resurrection - for a new earth - old world order - to return to our roots - to return to the simple - we can learn much from the people who still know how to live in harmony with their environment - who have refined communities without a few fat cats stealing away the extra food to make it rot in sheds at distant shores - we should learn now or it might be too late... the earth can not sustain us unless we are willing to change our consumer habits... we really don´t need more stuff - we need to think with our heart - to develop the heart - and to have the courage to rise for a real reform.

You are the voice - don´t allow yourself to believe that you don´t matter - we all matters - we are the change.


J. L. T. said...

Birgitta mín, my thoughts are with you in this extreme times! I have a little joy for you. Look at my photoblog. Embracing you

Joy Leftow said...

I'm with you sister!