Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We are all connected

No matter where I go, I meet people who I either know, or who know someone I know. Thus I have come to the simple conclusion that we are all connected.

I had a dream last night of Matisse the great painter and I had a dream whispering "we are all one".
I used to be a lucid dreamer, I used to dream dreams of prophecies when I was a kid and in my early teens. And it freaked me out so I started to shut it down. Mostly with lots of drugs when I was a teenager. I sort of lost the connection with the oracle within, we all have this oracle within. But it is sort of scary to know things you can not explain to others with words, and it is almost impossible to explain the dreamtime to the rational mind. But I am making the sleeper awake within the dream and it is like being back home. Somehow this is a much bigger part of who I am than I had chosen to remember. I stop using drugs a long long time ago, yet those dreams, those connections with the intuitive side is like a trip into the known unknown. It is hard to explain... but I feel it is important to strengthen the sense of oneness - compassion - to let go of the self centred elements and serve my lives purpose. Who is and has been for a long time to make sure our mother this earth can smile from within again...

That is the lesson I learned while participating in an important ritual with the holy Mamos/Mamas from Columbia. And this is my quest. And I will never be fully happy until you all are fully happy... so make my day... make this a happy day for you:)

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