Friday, June 20, 2008

My strange dream

I had a very strange dream last night... i dreamt Dalai Lama, but he was much younger and not wearing monk robes, he was wearing a black shirt and jeans... He had just arrived from a journey...

perhaps it is symbolic because the torch is going into Lhasa tomorrow... but despite his strange and youthful appearance he was very much H.H. Dalai Lama. And he removed all doubts about myself and fear from my heart with a simple and swift gesture of his hand...

i don´t have any time these days to write... but i did read this poem at the national radio in Venezuela a few weeks ago:)

Paradise lost
By Birgitta Jonsdottir

At the roof of the world
frozen bodies
sterilized wombs
scars of torture
dying language
rumbling monasteries
empty sockets on temple walls

But Paradise lives on
in sand mandalas
made from foreign soil
the ancient sounds of chanting
in other worlds
in other words

In Dharamsala
in the sound of the Tibetan culture
determant to survive the genocide

In every corner of the world
Tibetan prayers sound
Tibetan thinking takes root

Om Om Om
Thick deep voices
Colorful prayer flags
and the longing for Phayul
Your spell is peace
and peace and peace again
While we learn the
meaning of compassion
through tolerance of divine nature
Such is the way of your teachings

Your forced exodus from Phayul
a great blessing for humanity
Your voices silenced
by the faceless Chinese regime
Yet you speak through me
not only through my voice
but through my heart

Oh blessed are you who have suffered so much
Yet humanity has failed to
recognize your greatest gift:
Your monks walking among us
planting ancient seeds within the modern mind
our collective salvation
was materialsed

Without it we would have fallen
down down down
into the abyss of self destruction

Oh blessed are you
for you have awakened
the sleeper within

Today your flag flies higher and higher
The Snow Lion rises
not only in Tibet
but in the collective human heart
and I pledge to rise with you

As you return
into the heart of Phayul
we will again have a dome of peace in our world
at its rightful place at the roof of the world

Drifting in a steady stream
blessings towards
your heart - your soul

Om Tibet
free Tibet
Om Tibet
Free Tibet
Om OM om OM
Free Tibet NOW

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