Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rapture is an internal affair

We are living at interesting times. Seems like all the loose ends are coming together. I don´t think there will be rapture or apocalypse - yet these times are the times of internal rapture, times of internal apocalypse if we remain stuck in matter, stuck in only serving self interests. If we nurture compassion and gratitude we might find that the rapture inside will be quite enjoyable:)

At this moment in time, I believe it is important to simplify our every day life. It is important to walk our talk. Brutal honesty to self is essencial. We have been behaving like parasites on this planet. We forget to honor it - to thank it - to love it. The way we have cut the chord, the threads to everything that is sacred, makes us often feel totally alone in this universe. But it is a big lie. We have never been alone.

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Leigh Clements, The Mystery Maiden, Shot In The Dark said...

Interesting topic. If that's the case, rapture is a daily event for me! haha

The Mystery Maiden
Shot In The Dark