Sunday, June 08, 2008

There is no tomorrow

Only this moment - this is the first and the last moment I am:)

Been reading interesting books explaining the Mayan calender. It is not all about the day after no future> aka doomsday - everyday can either be our personal hell or heaven - The Mayan calender raises some serious questions about the concept of time and clocks. Who invented the routine most people in the world follow? It is rather inhuman - we all experience time in a different manner, based on our emotions. My happy hour passes a lot quicker than my hour in misery. Most people are waiting for the happy hour - longing for happier times - and non of it is real. 

I refuse to lead my life by someone else's concept of time. I like the concept of time in Venezuela. Clocks are only guidelines - nothing to take all too seriously...

The Mayan calender is human, it is based on using each moment to each premium... based on ancient understanding of how we are a part of the streams and currents in space not only time.

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