Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami poem without a name

The silent ocean
suddenly a wall of destruction

Sleeping in the soft sand
mass grave

1000 upon 1000's of souls
Brilliant flash of light
spiraling into the world between worlds

Fragments of pain
into the heart

Mounting numbers
of lifelessness

Empty shells

Larger then life
the proportions

All I have to offer is
in those darkest of times

All I have to offer 
is hope
at those darkest of times

All I have to offer is oceans of joy
at the edge of dawn

Dedicated to the Tsunami victims and those still suffering from the 2004 Tsunami. Poetry written 26th of December 2004, song created by Jón Tryggvi 2007, video created 26th of December 2009.

When the Tsunami struck it had a deep impact on me and my older son. The proportions so large that it was beyond comprehension. On my island we got about 320.000 people - just the thought of almost everyone on this island losing their life to the powers beyond human nature to tame was something that altered at least my perspective of the world.

*edited 26th of December 2014

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