Monday, January 03, 2005

And the dark is multicolored fireworks

My heart is with all those suffering in our world. I think that we need to nurture those feelings of compassion that are blossoming within now. I think also it is important to nurture hope, joy and love. Not only now but always. I am vegetarian, been so for a long time. So i am not one of those that have to go on a diet after the holidays. But we didn't eat grass, or leaves as our festive food. I am a vegetarian but not a rabbit. OK. Since i am the only one that know how and can make myself happy i made sure to give myself a couple of brightmas gifts. I am totally thrilled with my new toy. Sometimes i think that i might be a bit abnormal because i really don't feel like i fit within any category. I love technical toys. I feel ever so happy if i get a good printer or a scanner. I love my laptop, i stroke it like a pet and say, "you are so beautiful, so fast, so swift" mmmm lets play darling. Well so i got a digital camera from myself this brightmas and it is so much fun, i have downloaded 350 photos on my puter. If you have good bandwidth then you should download my new years eve movie. If not then here are a few from the multicoloured sky. Icelanders have a tradition to blow up fireworks like no other nation at new years eve. Happy new year from Joy B and her creators.....

New Years Eve 2004 : 3,9 MB quicktime movie

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