Monday, December 27, 2004

the concept of brightmas

Many believe that the time around christmas is all about christianity. Well not in my mind. I live in the north. So far north that the sun has not shown her face for more then a month. For me the winter solstice is truly my time of celebration, i celebrate the inner and external light. And the beauty of it by doing so i maintain my cultural heritage that the christian faith has tried to discredit by placing its most important time of celebration around the time of our ancient brightmas. Most historians agree that Jesus wasn't even born in December. I don't mind the christians to use this time to celebrate their thing, only want them to give us space to celebrate our brightmas without trying to steal it away from us by claiming it is their holiday. I am actually sick of all this gift madness. I am sick of the glory of the age of the consumer. Please remember that the only gifts that really matter have nothing to do with the material world. The best gifts i have given this year are having to be given the honour of inspiring others, to have been able to give the gift of hope, to bring a smile on someone's face.

Please don't get me wrong, i don't think any religion is right or wrong, everyone is entitled to believe what their hearts tells them is the truth>.......>

Joy B really rather wants to be poor in material if that is what it takes to be rich in spirit, to be humble and to be in touch with the heart of compassion. I have given up so much money in the past in order to follow my heart. Non of those paths have been easy, but i would be a hell of a lot poorer if i didn't have the experience i gained and the shades of humanity of my skin, reflection of what i could should be as a space elf on planet earth:)

Happy every day, happy routine, happy here now in this nano second we might exists in time.


Mike said...

I went to church at midnight on Christmas Eve even though I am not sure if I am a believer or not. I like to see God in trees and clouds and animals and people as much as I see God in mosques, temples, and churches. But it's nice to see stained glass windows and hear lovely choruses of singers on a very still and silent night in Pittsburgh where the only ones out are the ones wishing good will towards others through religion or alcohol, which are possibly the same coins of comfort.

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