Thursday, December 02, 2004


what can i say about Iceland
i have just recently embraced it
as the place where i want to live at
after moving around the world 4 times in 4 years

it is so small
but yet so big

everyone is related in one way or another
less then 300.000 souls
everyone you meet will know someone you are either related to or is one of your friends
it can be very suffocating
or it can be very comforting
depends on your mood i guess

the nature is a highlight
the light
the lack of it
the short crazy summer
the long crazy winter
the way the earth moves
how she erupts
how she embraces

people are wild here
i hope they will never really get to civilized
there are hidden worlds
of ghosts, trolls, and the hidden people

it is hard to adjust
people here don´t smile as much as the people in the south
but the people here are somehow more solid
more earth
at least the people in the country side
there a handshake is still as valid as paper

what else can i tell you
we measure everything per head
for example
icelanders read more books then any nation in the world per head
icelanders have more chess champions then any other nation in the world per head

i could go on and on and on
but hey i think it is kind of cute
how it is possible to see a pattern
how it is possible to feel to dream to be part of it

i hope this prose that i just wrote offers a glimpse into how it is to be here
i often find that one poem says more then 1000 words

with oceans of joy
birgitta of iceland sometimes niceland

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