Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My mother died last thursday

from lung cancer. It happened really fast, so fast that me and my brother never made it to her to see her before she slipped into the other world. We got the news while boarding the plane to Denmark where she lives. But the most important thing is that she died in the best possible way> in her sleep, looking forward to see us as we to see her and she didn't have to suffer more than she already did.

It was good to see her body, she hasn't looked so beautiful for a long time. So much peace in her face and i could feel her soul had left the body. She has been making some signs from the other world. I could feel the peace, the lightness of being after years and years of mental and physical suffering.

My mother was a great musician and leaves many treasures behind in that field... and i will do my best to keep that legacy alive....

Rest in peace dearest... but knowing her i am sure she is up to something ....


Paul McDonald said...

I'm sorry for your loss, although you seem relieved that she moved on. That's very commendable. You are keeping it all in perspective which we all must do in our time of grief. I just lost my furry soul-mate of 14 years (see my blog) and it has been one of the most difficult losses I've ever had to endure. I realize that my cat, like your mother and all living beings, lay down the body so the soul can be free; yet I still feel her with me. I'm sure she thinks of me as "my human" which is why I asked her to be my spirit guide. I'm told she will be with me with me even when I leave these shores.

Love and Light, Birgitta


Birgitta Jónsdóttir said...

Dear Paul
I am sorry about your furry friend, i know how much she meant to you. It is good to have relationship less complex than with those humans.

In some ways hardship is a blessing, it gives us the ability of greater compassion and deeper sense of self.

I know my mother passed through quickly because she was ready and she is already making signs and letting us know that she is on the other side.

With oceans of joy and light and love