Saturday, March 24, 2007

It is strange

to think that I will not create more new memories with my mother. Yet we created many good bad and ugly memories. In the end the past whom looked impossibly challenging became a vivid picture of the good. Because as we grow we change what was and will become by living in the ever shifting now. And I choose to see the past as a nutrition for all that i have become. The dark waters that feed the lotus and soon my friends this lotus is ready to blossom. To claim that personal power to shape-shift the past into a warm cloak. To change poison into the elixir of life. To become the alchemist and make something precious out of the substance we take for granted. To extract the essence out of this very moment. And behold. There is no tomorrow. There is this now:here. I am only that. My mother is gone, yet i dream her and i feel her and so she lives. Somewhere. I am listening very closely to her advice because she has finally the perspective she longed for.

Viva mothers of the world

for those that want to listen to my mothers music you can find a selection of her songs in the jukebox on my icelandic blog

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