Thursday, February 22, 2007

for MMM

Born under the sign
under peace rising

Fire upon fire in her soul
her touch brought forth
ancient drums and ties and sounds and words

In her eyes
words lived
a tapestry of mystery
flying into the womb of cyberspace
weaving destiny to poet strangers
moving on and off this world
no one was stranger to her
everyone a brother, a sister

The power of the word, the word of peace, of vision
of having a dream and making it take the mysterious shape
out of the clay of mundane life into something magical
living moving whirlwind of change

She lived the dream
she touched
to be touched
she made words
take shape
in action
in deeds
in peace

for Merilene M Murphy, my poet sister, she the sun, i the moon as she
would say... orbiting together under peace rising:)


salwilliam said...

I wish I could have known her, she was the same age as my father, Natale Delle Palme, who is himself suffering from cancer and may be on his deathbed. So, home is where I am now, in Ottawa, just wondering what will come of all this and spending time with my father and my family.

I created this website,, maybe you could contribute something?

Where are you now?

Birgitta Jónsdóttir said...

Dear Salvatore
I am actually on my way to Denmark in an hour to stay with my my mothers at her deathbed, she is also suffering from cancer.... a friend suggested that when i chant or pray for her that i should think of her happiness above all and so i will...

my thought are with you ... and i will send you strength and joy...

p.s. i have moved to Iceland and doing my best to stay there...