Sunday, May 29, 2005

Joy B moving

Ravens are my kind of birds, i think because I have a ghost of a raven sitting on my shoulder and he whispers in my ear things i shouldn't couldn't know. I am moving to the 4th floor, there i will scan for news and wisdom echoing from those naked mountains and the sounds of the ravens. So my best friends tend to be rare ravens, often referred to as white ravens.

Moving is art, specially when you have done a lot of it, the art of moving is being able to move between houses and no one really noticed, except your sore muscles and your plants. I hope this will be the last time for some time to be, i have moved so many times in my life, that i have lost count of it. Who cares anyway, the most important thing is the place you are living within at any given moment. Well those empty boxes are howling at me, and i got a mountain to climb.


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