Thursday, May 05, 2005

Joy B is a Buddhist

I don't remember how many times I have said to people; if I were to belong to any organised religion ever, than the only one that I could possible belong to would be Buddhism, because it is tolerant towards all other religions. And by some strange twist of fate I went with a friend to do some chanting and I had no idea it was a Buddhist chanting, it could have been any sort of chanting. I love to chant and make strange ancient sounds to get into that space of feeling my feelings. To ride the tide of joy with sounds and strange noises. As I was chanting with these people, it felt like I had done this all my life. I felt after months of feeling out of focus, in focus. My eyes were clear and bright again. And I was full of joy. I read some about this form of Buddhism and it was all common sense and felt like something I wanted to devote my energy and life to. And so it is that Joy B has a calling and her calling was answered and so she is taking this path, and if you ever hear strange sounds from her flat, it is only those ancient sounds that have found their runway into the big stream of sounds, a drop of crystal clear reason. I am devoted..... what a strange feeling it is.


Paul McDonald said...

I used to meditate listening to the sounds of Tibetan Buddhist Monks do their polyphonic chanting. At first the sound was frightening and then I relaxed into it and had some wonderfully deep meditations.

Birgitta Jónsdóttir said...

I have always had a hard time meditating the traditional way. I had developed a form of a meditation with sounds and movement. Always loved to listen to the Tibetan Buddhist chanting. Maybe that is the reason why I felt at home last Tuesday doing the chanting. It really felt like I had done so 1000 of times. And somehow it was more than anything a joymaker rather than the seriousness I felt when I was experimenting ages ago with the Zen meditation:)

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