Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012

HaPpY 2012 - we are living at interesting times. May 2012 contain joy and happiness in your realities. ♥ My new years resolution this year as all the others is to do my best and to take on all experiences with a touch of serenity. Lets make 2012 a year where the tables will turn the pyramid of power upside down. 

I was made into a cartoon some years ago by the Italian cartoonist Maurizio di Bona aka theHand. This blog started out as a joint experiment between two artists, me the writer/sputnik JoyB and theHand. We went busy doing other things for some years but have decided to put JoyB back on the priority list and resurrect her in 2012. Here is the first new JoyB toon: May 2012 be the road to ...

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