Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poem a day: from Wake Up II

Countries without Borders

The cities of the world
are merging,
borders falling.
cultures crossing.

Through the void
of cyberspace,
the earth is shrinking,
the sense for distance changing.

One race,

Floating through space,
virtually real.
I feel home
in every corner of the world.

through symbols,
we can all understand.

Art is the language,
the word still a virus
from outer space.

Colors, forms, sounds, shapes,
in interspace.

Cities without borders.
Earth without borders.
Us without borders.


nonhocapito said...

Thanks for this horrible "poem", so filled with nightmarish ideas.
It really reminded me for what nefarious purposes you guys are set out there.

RAGNARöK time`N'space said...

...the tools of freedom of speech are essential to the informed decision and whole problem resolution process which we must mature into at full "dog" speed as our childhood time has run out
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