Sunday, December 12, 2010

When is the right time to offer political asylum for Assange in Iceland?

I would like to make a few points clear: I don´t think it is right that Julian Assange is held in custody in the UK because of the allegations in Sweden. I however think it is a to mistake to mix the allegation in Sweden with freedom of information. It is a personal case that has been mixed together with a non personal case, by supporters and adversaries of WikiLeaks alike.

Julian is in just as much danger to be transferred to the USA from the UK as from Sweden. That is why it is totally unacceptable that he is held in custody. That appears to me like an attempt to gag him and should be protested loud and clear. If Julian is charged in the USA I will call for Iceland to grant him political asylum if his own country fails to protect him.

I find it deeply troubling to attack anyone in the personal case pending in Sweden, none of them are guilty until charged. I have heard conspiracy theories spanning the entire scope: from Assange being the victim of CIA to Julian being a CIA agent. It is important to stop the speculations and wait for the facts.

I however call for Julians release on bail early next week - if not, it is obvious that this personal case in Sweden is being used as a political tool against freedom of information.

I fully support what WikiLeaks stands for and I am also fully behind OpenLeaks - may there be many more to come.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I am so glad that SOMEONE has said that! Why the media is insisting that he must be taken to Sweden before he is Extradited to the USA is beyond me!

Why isn't he being taken out of jail? WHAT has he done? Why is he being treated like a common CONVICTED criminal?

Unknown said...

it is a good feeling to know there are politicians with morals in this dirty world we live, thanks for supporting WikiLeaks ,Assange and all they stand for

breadon said...
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breadon said...

Assange should go and face the Swedish courts.
We know Birgitta Jónsdóttir has had an affair with this sexual predator and her views are worth nothing. She loves Assange in a sexual way not only his absurd politics.

Frank de Groot said...

It is clear that Assange has been given "special treatment" - he's targeted by the US, otherwise he wouldn't be on Interpol's list for a ripped condom and some other lame allegations which were dismissed by the public prosecutor in Sweden before suddenly the case was rekindled.

Brita comes across as fair and balanced. She's using arguments, not ad-hominems as you do.

You should try to remain objective, see. Example: I don't like Julian Assange. I think he's misappropriating Wikileaks funds. Funds that should go to Bradley Manning. I also think he's naive, lazy and not terribly intelligent - having dismissed us 9/11 truthers as "crazies". In my opinion, Assange is a stooge, a patsy, a gatekeeper for the nerdy left. I think he's a coward and an asshole for publishing the private emails of David Irving, for example. That were no "leaks", that was just an attempt at embarrasing someone who disagrees with Assange's Zionistic ideology.

However I also think he has been innocently prosecuted and persecuted. If he really believes in what he does and not does it out of narcissism and love of money, as some have suggested then he is a hero and a revolutionary.

I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt and look at the facts. He did not rape anyone. Anyone following the story knows that and is forced to admit that - friend or foe.

Assange is innocent. I don't like the guy but he's innocent.

Frank said...

Of course I meant Birgitta, not "Brita"..

Anonymous said...

Nice work Birgitta! I think your an Awesome and inspiring citizen of this planet! Stay strong and have a great year. I'm constantly dreaming of the day that I go to Iceland and try to support your country in any way I can as well as simply enjoying the Icelandic landscape, horses and people.

Steve from Canada

Anonymous said...

i don't trust assange. esp. after what he said regarding 9/11.

Anonymous said...

there's gonna be a leaks plugin for your iphone soon enough and it won't be Britney's new singles.

c'mon. code it already ppl.

seriously though journalism is going to have go through some growing pains.

these leaks have succeeded in making us all vomit but unless we all pick a side (within reason) we will not know how to clean up this mess.

reporters should have no bias. they deliver the news to the anchor who spins it anyway.

but journalists are going to have find their balls and in the words of South Park, present them.

bpb said...

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