Thursday, February 04, 2010

Icelandic mini doc about the financial crises

I made this mini doc a year ago... explaining the reasons behind the total financial meltdown, trying to explain why the Icelandic people are so angry and how they made history by uniting against injustice faced by the government and the financial elite 

Icelandic financial crises [HQ]


An island in the North Atlantic oceans

Iceland - Nest for about 320.000 people

Iceland - Same size as the state of Kentucky

Iceland - Colony of Denmark until 1945

Iceland - Best known for the singer Bjork

Iceland - Also known for being the nation who elected the first woman in the world to be a president

Iceland - also known for strange and mystical landscape
Iceland - also known for its pristine nature

Until September 29th 2008 very few people cared for Iceland or even knew about it - however that was all about to change because
Iceland’s limited legacy changed from mystery to being the first country in the world to literary experience the bankruptcy - the total meltdown of corporation capitalism

When you google Iceland today you will get more information about the financial crises that brought one of the best off nations in the world to its knees
Unemployment has shot from less then 1% to 10% since October 2008

What happened one might ask in awe – how is it possible that all the newly privatized banks (6 years ago the nation owned all the major banks) got basically bankrupt and the nation had to take them back with debt beyond comprehension

No one knows yet the exact number of our national debt in the aftermath of the greatest financial blunder in the history of our world

Who is to blame for the fact that almost 70% of all companies are going under?
Who is to blame for us being driven back for decades?
Who is to blame for the fate of all the people who are loosing their savings, their homes, their work, their lives?


geir said...

I think Norway and Iceland should form an alliance / union with Iceland. As Norwegian I am embarressed that Norwegian authorities dont do more to reach out a hand to our Icelandic brotherfolk.

emerzak said...

in the third part of your you mean about bilderberg group?

Unknown said...

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