Sunday, July 30, 2006

cry from the heart

tears run impulsively
bitter sea of colossal grief
cluster-bomb in the heart
for every life taken

who are we to act like a force of nature
self destruction the distinctive human trait

Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine

four corners of grief

abort the revenge

hollow is the heart
holocaust created
not once
but now

the once suffering victim
is the bully

the US the UK Israel
triangle of doom

fear not the Arabs
fear not the "terrorists"
fear the triangle of righteous doom
based on ghosts from the past
glorification of the apocalypse

doomsday in the heart
doomsday in the mind
as the inconvenient truth flows out
like 1000 wounds

will it heal
will this heart ever beat again
this heart of hope
for humanity
as it heads towards glorious self destruction
yet again

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