Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I am not

dead yet, even if i have been awfully silent in the last weeks... as usually I am busy with 10000000 things ... strange this thing with activism ... why is it we are so few doing it ... yet it is by far the most interesting thing to do instead of the time i would possible spend in front of the telly... or on the phone or blogging or what ever ... it adds a functionality to my life ... a meaning ... to see the things i do have impact on others, to be able to inspire real change ... nothing quite like it and the good news are: we can all do it.

so if you see something around you that needs to be changed: be the change: do something about: it is as simple as that.

i have been thinking about sacrifice after reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman... (a great book by the way)
how we use this phrase all the time without knowing whom we are sacrificing to: for example: i am sacrificing my time to do this or that.... to whom are you sacrificing: i think it would be wise to direct that sacrifice to something you know
like for example: if you believe in something make sure to formalise your sacrifice to what you believe in ....

or all those sacrifices might end up in all the wrong places.....:)

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