Tuesday, December 13, 2005

things are a bit CrAzy...

these days. it is the time of year when there is simply no daylight. yet it is the time of year if you are a writer with a newly published book, when you need the most vitality and energy and flow and a bit of luck. i have not published book on this scale since 1989 and there are many reasons why. one is that i object to the madness around this month. seems to be growing worse if anything. the amounts of money people spent to make something perfect that is already perfect. i invented the concept of Brightmas some years ago and i intend to keep it that way.

so i have been working hard to get my book in the media and it has been quite hard but at the same time i have been quite successful in getting it where i want it. i think it is hard work, being in the flow and by being in the flow that has made me feel a bit lucky. i have been training myself to be in tune with how things sync together. i have been acting on those hunches and it always works out the way it should. anyway so i have been on telly, front-cover of a magazine, interviews in the newspapers and soon on the radio. perhaps the most positive thing is that the book has touched many of its readers.

on thursday i will have the selflovenight of the chameleon, devoted to myself and this book. have been organising events for as long as i can remember for everyone else but myself. i have learned so much in this process. this little chameleon is indeed quite shy and has always found it hard to put herself in the limelight. this might come as surprise to many but it is quite true. been all my life struggling with a very low self-esteem and never wanted to be full of myself. i have never found the life of the rich and famous to be something i wanted. it is a linedance. the need to reach to many readers, to touch many lives and at the same time wanting to be out of the limelight. i feel finally strong enough, compassionate enough to dance this dance without getting full of ego and self importance. it takes a lot of courage to get beyond the skin of the chameleon and showing your true colours. so my novel is written in a brutally honest style. blurring the borders of reality and fiction to such an extent that no one knows that is my real diary and memories or fiction. i don't really know what is what anymore. been working on this text for 18 years. yes i admit it> i am a perfectionist.
anyway the greatest news about this all for me personally is that now i can write other books.

and this i will do, i will start early next year on the historical novel about my insane bloodbound father whom changed his name from Karl Valdimarsson to Hank Fox. his family is such a great material for a book. like wildest fiction.

anyway better get on with it.... here are photos from the magazine.... ©vikan> sigurjon ragnar 2005

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