Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saving Iceland

If there is one thing that makes my heart beat faster,
If there is one thing that makes my mind jump within chronic joy attack
If there is one thing that makes me feel Icelandic
than it is our wilderness, the silent heartbeat of earthquakes
the sharp mountains, the fragile fauna, the soft moss, the crystal clear mountain springs
I love this island of extremes for its nature and it is the thing that has always pulled me back home
but my island is under grave danger of being destroyed by corporate greed and mindless destruction of the highlands in order to build a massive dam in order to provide energy for an aluminium smelter run by the multinational criminals Alcoa. The Icelandic government has been lying on their back like cheep hookers, believing that the aluminium semen injected into Icelandic economy will make us filthy rich fast, especially those that have sold out on our nation and wilderness. No other western country would dream of building such factories or inflict such destruction on their wilderness today, maybe 20 years ago but not today like us. Please go to if you care about Icelandic nature and spread the word or take part in the international protest camp that will take place this summer in the highlands of the North East of Iceland. The protest camp will be situated in the area that will be flooded.

This destruction of Iceland is not just about Karahnjukar, they have their eyes on many other gems of our nature, many historical glacial rivers are under threat and our land will be scarred to such an extent that some areas of it will be the most polluted in Europe. We have to act fast, we are few but dedicated in this fight here in Iceland. The multinational corporations think we are easy to deal with because there are so few Icelanders, so in many ways we are like a small tribe and that works to their benefit. This is why we need international help. We are experiencing a serious activist burnout and need encouragement and all the help we can get to rescue the largest remaining wilderness of Europe.

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