Thursday, February 17, 2005

the King of the Oceans

Once was swimming in my belly
I dreamt him
He had such long eyelashes
that they made it feel as if i had butterflies in my belly
I knew how he looked like
I knew how his deep blue eyes
would change the shades of everything around me
once he would enter the world
In my dreams he often gave me messages
He said: My name shall be Neptunus
I said: But that is too strange, let me find a name
He said: Look at the planets
I forgot the message but
I dreamt again and he had taken the Goddess of dreams with him
They showed me black on white the Name
and so it is that the one that once reigned over the oceans
is yet again among us
but no longer a God but a mortal being
but the ocean is still in his blue eyes

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