Monday, December 31, 2012

HaPpY 2013

We are running out of planet
so for the future of everything

Wake up
and start co-creating

I have seen signs 
the end of the world
 as we know it has begun 

Don't panic it might look 
terrifying on the surface 
but inside every human being 
a choice to go under or act

Earth is calling 
Sky is calling 
Creation is calling 
wake up, 
wake up 

Generate the capacity for love 
for compassion in your heart 
Now is the time to yield 
to the call of growth 
to the call of action 
for you are the change makers

Sleepers of all ages
wake up
wake up

Lots of love


Anonymous said...

Birtgitta, do you have a comment re. the screenshots you see when you scroll down on

this is somebody talking you spoke to already (some time ago - spoke in written form, it was the time before they finally published the dissociation from shamir)

now please take a look at the link, when it opens scroll down, take a look at the screenshots

do you have a comment regarding this?

tweeting links to fra tider to 1,6 mio?

tweeting links to support pages that host nazi content?

linking to said nazi content by official support pages and tweeting links there via official twitter account?

Amal said...

wishing a happy new year for all people.

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