Wednesday, July 04, 2012


When I am being love
my heart expands,
the walls of my body

I energize myself
not like a machine
but as a plant

Stretching fingers of leaves
towards the light

When night falls
I don't sleep
I withdraw,
go inside,
close my blossom,
to the outside world

All is linked
manifestation of the collective

I am with the creation
spins into codes
manifests through binary


Philip Kraske said...

Hello Birgitta.

Yes, it's wonderful what energizes people as opposed to machines. Lovely poem.

I just wanted to tell you I've had my own little hacking experience recently.

When Julian Assange entered the Ecuadoran Embassy, I sent him there a copy of my latest novel, City on the Ledge, because it's set in Quito, Ecuador. I though he might like to get to know the country, and for me it would be an honor if it actually reached him and he read it. I haven't heard anything about it.

My point is that the book would have reached the embassy on June 25 or 26. On roughly the 29th of June, for the first time, my website was hacked. Nothing pernicious, really, but according to the computer techie, the program was sending information on who looked at each web page -- to where, he wasn't sure.

Funny world.


Philip Kraske

Anonymous said...

Hi Birgitta. Saw you on Max Keiser's show again recently and it occurred to me that I should send you some energy. I am sending you positive and energizing waves of heart based energy so that you can feel uplifted today and do your divine work with greater ease.

Remember to sleep and eat well, and if you take a break for some time, that's ok with us. We want you to be powerful and healthy.

We who are awake are joining you in this endeavor now; your allies are rising. Soon you will be able to rest more as we take on more duties and assist you in this divine work.


negentropist said...

Nice !!