Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A message from Students for a Free Tibet

As 2008 draws to a close, we reaffirm our commitment to work for
Tibet in 2009. Tibetans across Tibet have risked everything to
make their stand and now we must answer their calls for freedom
with hard-hitting political advocacy that holds the Chinese
government's feet to the fire.

This March 10, 2009 will mark 50 years since the 1959 Tibetan
National Uprising, when Tibetans across Tibet rose up against
China's illegal invasion and occupation of their homeland.

As we approach this historic March 10th commemoration, and
following the Chinese government's rejection of the Dalai Lama's
attempts at meaningful dialogue, the time is ripe for political

In 2009, SFT will highlight the Tibetan people's enduring
resistance, celebrate their embrace of nonviolence, and pressure
global leaders and the international community to push for a
resolution to end China's occupation of Tibet once and for all.

For the past five decades, Tibetans have steadfastly rejected
Chinese rule and, against all odds, kept their struggle for
freedom alive.

With your support, we can show the Chinese government, and the
world, that 50 years is too long. The occupation of Tibet must
end. Please donate now:

In solidarity,

Lhadon, Tendor, Kate, Heather, Sam and everyone at SFT HQ

and Choeying,Tenchoe,Shibayan and Youndrung at SFT India


Students for a Free Tibet, India (SFT India) is the India National Network
of Students for a Free Tibet International, which has over 650 chapters in
more than 35 countries.

Founded in the year 2000 from a very humble beginning as a loose network of few
young activists and students based in Dharamshala campaigning for Tibet's
Independence,SFT India has grown as nation-wide network of youth, campaigning for
the Fundamental Rights of the Tibetan people, and we are still growing. It is from
our grassroots network that we gain our strength.

To ensure the effectiveness of our grassroots network.we create Awareness
and sensitize the world on the just cause of Tibet. We believe that young
people can and must take responsibility to change our world for the better.

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