Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tragic joy day

I am watching the news with one eye open and the other directed internally, trying to understand the conflicts of my world. I am part of this world, its sorrows and joys. Today 40.000 Icelanders joined gay pride in the capital. At the same time more horrors are erupting in our world. Georgia a conflict zone. I don´t know enough about the history but it looks plain to me that Russia is after the oil riches of Georgia. The seeds of all conflicts seem to be rooted in greed. 

I was thinking as I could hear the most popular gay person in Iceland sing that love is universal, how strange it was to be here on the island, where no one has fought wars but of the mind and most of my islanders are still stuck with the slave mentality from the times of being under the rule of Denmark. I tell you this notion that we are in any way like vikings is really false. We are cowards and our island a banana republic disguised with modern gadgets who offer no more happiness then any other external attempts to find such a thing. 

I am happy that people can sing about universal love in the face of the horrors of the world. I want them to carry on singing and being corny and pink. Bring it on - all the rainbows of joy because at least that offers some hope in a rather hopeless situation of the eternal self destructive nature of this human race.

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