Tuesday, December 19, 2006


my six year old son Delphin learned a lesson on his own that most of us adults can't figure out all our lives. He is rebelling a bit a school and did try to flush down the toilet the rules from the mess hall. I being a chronic co-dependent took it quite personally i am not raising him right, i am not good enough mother, blah blah blah and was very annoyed at him when i heard of this. On the way back home i had to go to the post office and i decided to let him stay in the car to think why he would be doing things like that. He has been doing a lot of things that are not making him very popular. I ended up staying a longer at the post office than i had intended because of a massive line of people. When i came back, he said: "I know why i behave this way, i need to control everything, but i am not going to do it anymore, i am just going to let god control me." That is he surrendered to higher power. I am not much of a god person in the christian sense of god. Being a heathen and a buddhist. Yet i am a 12 step person and this does sound a lot like the lesson learned in the first 3 steps. I don't talk much about that sort of stuff to him, only that god is within us and everything around us. that is a part of us. Anyway i thought it was such a brilliant conclusion for such a young person. And remembered that kids are a lot smarter than us adults, because we tend to make things so complicated.

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