Sunday, July 02, 2006

Thought i'd share this letter with you all

"Please note: Dee Rimbaud's Book of Hopes and Dreams not to be confused with original:Following the explosion of creative thought that greeted the Millennium and 9/11, much of which was captured in major global anthologies by the likes of Todd Swift at Rattapallax/nthposition and Birgitta Jonsdottir at Beyond Borders/Lorenzo Press, I suppose it was inevitable that lagging a few years behind, there would be imitations, follow-ups, attempts to cash in. This is just to let Various Artists members know that the forthcoming 'Book of Hopes And Dreams' edited by Dee Rimbaud is not to be confused with Birgitta Jonsdottir's original 'The Book of Hope and The World Healing Book', which is still very much available, just by googling on the web. Obviously this trend for intellectual copying is liable to continue as the artistically redundant attempt to stake a belated claim to some kind of millennial credibility."

It is good to know that people stand up for the creative work i have been doing, i remember when Dee sent out a letter to me and a lot of other poets in the early stages of his project another poet pointed out to him how similar these projects are... i had sent him a letter of invitation to take part by submitting work to the world healing book and the book of hope... he didn't want to unless he would get free copies, the only person who gave me a reply like that, everyone else agreed to submit their work without any string attached... needless to say... despite it all i wish him good luck with his project and that he will manage to send some money to the children of Afghanistan, unfortunatly i have not sold enough books to be able to donate a penny yet to the children in Aghanistan that was the true modivation for me to put this together in the first place... so maybe by a strange twist of fate this will have been a catalyst for someone else to spin off it... but of course it would be nice to get that sort of creative catalyst credit... but i know in my heart that the orginal books sparked that new book into motion and that is enough for me....

thank you all that took part in it and together we made a beautiful chemistry that has already helped a lot of people in unforseen ways... viva the creative force.. let us carry the flame... united indeed


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Dreaming Of Wings said...

Lord God, girl, you didn't half get your ego in a big knot about all that. "The Book Of Hopes And Dreams" was a charity anthology and it raised several hundred pounds for Spirit Aid. It had some of the top poets in the UK and beyond contributing to it... oh... and they ALL got a complimentary copy, as is usual in such circumstances. So what if it nearly had the same title as your poetry anthology!!! Honestly!