Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Mountain Lady

Deep is my love that
flows into the heavy glacier river
towards the muddy sea surrounding
her fragile soil

Uneasy dreams
filled with
whimpering and screams
as they cut deep into her womb

Gigantic drill
penetrates deep into the Mountain woman
Shoots off with ever growing lust for power
-Aluminium semen

Rumble and quakes
wake me up
at the dawn of illusion

The Mountain lady
is bleeding
Her scars deep
The foetus growing inside her
has hundred heads
Eating at each other
with short term greed
-Toxic waste of a future

The mountain lady
was our ancient sacred symbol
of faith to this extreme nature
Towards the elements of beauty
that sparks from her crystal clear eyes

The elder women
gather in a circle
cry bitter tears
as they work up a spell
of the aluminium foetus

In the distance I see the industrial father
with his carefree smirk
King of the mountain
blinded with greed
and ambition

The spell is our love
for each rock
for each grain of sand
each shape
each life
on the hit list
of corporate greed

dedicated to each and everyone daring to make a spell against the Karahnjukar dam by doing something to stop it

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